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At SunSmart SC, we pride ourselves on doing one thing and doing it well. We are solely dedicated to providing innovative solar systems and energy-saving products for your home that sell themselves on their sheer performance and value – no sales pitch required. The most important thing to us is bringing you real value and benefits, which is why we only stock the best solar systems that are proven to outperform the competition.

We believe that by providing in-depth, unbiased information on the solar technology behind renewable energy products, you will be able to make the most educated decision based on your own individual wants and needs.

We have a strong background in the sustainability and renewable energy industries and have always focused on customer satisfaction and quality products. As a family business, one of the things we hold dear is our ability to provide personal service before, during and after purchase.

We will gladly travel throughout the greater Sunshine Coast and country regions to consult with you, and ship our products Australia-wide.


SunSmart SC has a wide range of products that can help you with a independent living environment. Solar systems to suite any individual or commercial need and will ultimately save you money.

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We at SunSmart provide some of the most efficient solar hybrid and off grid products on the Sunshine Coast. Solar Panels, Inverters, Power Supply options and more.

Solar Pool Heating
Solar Powered Pool Pump Ultra 280.png

Solar Power Pool Pumps that run completely off solar power, Run it all day long and it wont cost you a cent. System runs close to silent no noise pollution and obtain better filtering results.

We Beat Competitor Prices
Solar Powered Air Conditioner Sunshine Coast

Thats right completely solar, run your Air condition system completely on solar. No rising electricity bill and save hundreds of dollars every year.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Multiple Solar Pool Heating Products to suite all needs. Make your swimming pool usable all year round.

Solar Powered Pool Pumps and Energy saving Pool

Remove all the work involved with cleaning a pool and just enjoy your pool. Products range from energy saving, chemical reduced, robotic pool cleaning, chlorine free, solar copper ironiser, filtration, water energising, solar pool heating

We match prices on all products and installation with SunSmart SC and Sunshine Coast Solar Pumps.

Air Conditioning Installation

Hi Wall Air-conditioning systems, split air-conditioning systems for your home.

Solar pool heating product range. Electric to Gas boosted hot water systems, hot water pumps. 

Solar Power Battery Storage

A Variety of power storage options and power stations to keep your home energised with hybrid and off grid products.


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